The Mighty Nelson
Season 2, Episode 14
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Air date January 17th, 2013
Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Stinky Cheese Water Cannons
The Mighty Nelson is the thirteenth episode of Season 2.


The economy of Sodor was booming, so it needed more slate to ship out to other countries. Sir Topham Hatt decided to come up with a solution by restoring Boulder Quarry to it's former glory, only without the Skarloey Railway lines. Mr. Percival agreed to help out and called Ms. Jenny and told her that he and Sir Topham Hatt need some of the Pack. She agreed at once and sent Nelson to take the Pack to the quarry. Sir Topham Hatt also needed Thumper's help, and sent Edward to bring Thumper. Edward brought Thumper to work.

Nelson was pulling Max and Monty to work, but they were very heavy. Max and Monty teased Nelson for only carrying light loads. Nelson was cross, but his driver soothed his hurt feelings.

At the quarry, Max and Monty were racing around. Thumper then saw a huge rockslide coming towards them and warned everyone. The alarm sounded and the machines raced out of the way. However, Max and Monty forgot to fill up on fuel, and were stuck! Edward watched in horror. Nelson decided to put the past behind him and save his friends. Nelson pulled Max and Monry to safety. The two dump trucks were grateful and never dared to tease Nelson again.