This page is about Season 6. It aired starting in May 23rd, 2014. It should finish airing by June 10th 2015.


  1. The Faulty Sheds/The Funnel Gap - The engines realize there's a hole in the roof of Tidmouth Sheds after repairs.
  2. Hank's State: Worried  - Hank thinks that he's not being useful and that he's going to be scrapped.
  3. Redemption  - Hank finally realizes his purpose when he saves Bertie's passengers from a snow storm.
  4. The Wrong Sort of Coal - Billy is sent to take some coal to the bunkers on Sodor, but when the engines start feeling ill, Billy is blamed. 
  5. Forest Fire - A forest fire starts up in Henry's Forest, and smoke ruins Harold's plans.
  6. Sherwood the Infamous - Sherwood the new diesel on the Skarloey Railway finds trouble closer than thought.
  7. Triple Trouble/Bill, Ben and Charlie  - Bill, Ben, and Charlie join forces to create a trio of pranksters.
  8. The Big City Engine  - The same engine who had an argument with Gordon and Duck comes back, and is renamed in the process.
  9. The Thin Controller's Assistant - The Thin Controller tries to get a new assistant while he has a meeting.
  10. Michael - A new lorry named Michael arrives and the engines worry they're being replaced.
  11. Rumors and Speculations  - When Scruff see's a piece of art in one of his trucks, he is very quick to jump the shark!
  12. Midnight Confessions - Sherwood the Narrow Gauge Engine has a secret in his mind about Duncan but when he starts bragging about it, the engines, especially Duncan, are wondering what secret it is.
  13. Michael Takes A Drop - Michael the lorry's new driver accidentally causes a calamity in which he's blamed but when Michael is actually in an accident, does the driver trust himself?
  14. New Years Blues - When Molly's New Year Train to York gets cancelled, she feels down. But her sadness helps her make a good deed and a great party.
  15. Emily's "Weird" Day - When Emily collects "Weird Al" Yankovic, she tries to avoid Thomas' Branch Line.
  16. Minature Engines - Oliver plays a joke on the big engines.
  17. Coach Brakes - Peter Sam accidentally sets off with the brake coach's brakes still on.
  18. Stephen and the Statue - When Stephen loses a gold statue of King Godred's horse, it's up to Bertie to bring the Statue back to Ulfstead Castle.
  19. Sea Stories - Murdoch gets sick of Salty's stories.
  20. Rosie and Daisy - Daisy thinks Rosie is silly for being a tomboy.
  21. The Importance of Being Neville - Neville starts to feel unuseful when Sir Handel calls him a "diesel."
  22. Stanley and the Flood - Stanley must save Great Waterton from a flood.
  23. Emily to the Rescue - Emily saves an old friend from being scrapped.
  24. Brandon's Triumph - A new tank engine named Brandon comes for trials and proves to be really useful.
  25. Diesel 10's Brother - Diesel 10's big brother, Diesel 11 comes to Sodor to help out Diesel 10 with his devious plans.
  26. TBA


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