Season 5 was released from October 2013 to May 2014.


  1. Bertie and Bulgy/Bertie and Bulgy's Great Race - Bertie and Bulgy meet and have a race.
  2. Kevin in Charge - Kevin becomes in charge while Victor's at the Skarloey Railway.
  3. Winston and Elizabeth/Winston Proves Himself  - Elizabeth makes fun of The Fat Controller about not being able to drive Winston.
  4. Improper Engines/Henry's Overcoming - James calls Henry "improper" due to him being accident-prone.
  5. Open Slot 
  6. Open Slot 
  7. Open Slot
  8. High and Mighty/Mighty Goes Backwards - Mighty starts to boast that he's the better half, so Mac takes action.
  9. The Fastest Engine in the Hills/Freddie the Fastest Engine in the Hills - Freddie thinks he's the fastest engine in the hills, but Duke proves him wrong.
  10. Mind my Paintwork!/Isobella Keeps Up Her Appearance - Isobella tries to keep her paintwork clean while delivering some supplies to Ulfstead Castle.
  11. Something Smells Fishy - When Porter has to shunt the Flying Kipper, Cranky begins to tease him.
  12. Nigel - Nelson needs help pulling the Pack around, so Nigel is brought in to help after being stuck in a shed.
  13. Diesel Domination - Diesel tries to dominate the island, but Sidney accidently, and unknowingly, spoils his plan to dominate Sodor.
  14. Trapped in the Shed/Toby and the Frozen Shed - Toby gets trapped in his shed due to icy weather, and everyone has a difficult time getting him out..
  15. Wheels of Fortune - A shipment error causes a shortage of wheels on Sodor, causing chaos.
  16. Down the Bridge - Duncan plays a trick on Rheneas, with help from Max and Monty.
  17. James and Flynn - James thinks that Flynn's job of fighting fires is easy. but soon discovers the dangers that firefighters go through.
  18. Whistles!/Thomas's New Whistle - Thomas gets his whistle fixed, much to James's dismay.
  19. Open Slot
  20. Be On Your Guard! - Bill and Ben catch some theives after they steal some jewels from the jewelry store in the town of Knapford.
  21. Electric Power - Stafford shows the new electric engine, Jonathon, how to shunt.
  22. Mountain Danger - Wilfred tries to travel through a blizzard, after making a promise to Culdee.
  23. Kelly's New Friend - When Kevin topples over and needs repair, Kelly is sent to the Steamworks. But Kevin is worried he's being replaced.
  24. Open Slot
  25. Cows and Whistles - Caitlin proves Gordon and Henry wrong about cows.
  26. Thomas Gets Juiced - Thomas get covered in lemonade thanks to Percy.
  27. Thomas Runs Away - A boy fiddles with Thomas' controls while his whistle is being repaired, and the boy keeps on making obnoxious noises with Thomas' whiste.
  28. The Early Whirlybird - When Harold takes over Percy's mail duties, he becomes a nusiance.
  29. The Seaside Ghost - Salty tells Arthur that there's a ghost near the Fishing VIllage.
  30. "It's A Great Story After All......" - Christmas is coming up very soon but the engines don't feel up for it, so Thomas tells them all about his first Christmas on Sodor.


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