This is about Season 2.


  1. Thomas and the New House - Thomas, Jack, and Alfie are buliding a new house, but Ned knocks it over!
  2. Dennis and Norman - Dennis and Norman discover each other..
  3. Don't Be Late! - The Thin Controller gets angry at Madge for being late all the time.
  4. Sodor Snowstorm - A snowstorm hits, so Donald and Douglas clear the tracks.
  5. Off to the Scrapyards/Percy and the Diesels  - Percy gets a spooky Halloween night with the Diesels.
  6. The Ironworks Diesels - 'Arry and Bert try to scrap Oliver.
  7. Hank Goes Fishing - Hank runs out of water.
  8. Stuck in the Mud - Emily has to deliver some bees, but Max, the signalman, falls asleep and sends Emily down the wrong line.
  9. Trust Paxton - James doesn't trust Paxton.
  10. Dares - Gordon dares Thomas to go to London, but the plan doesn't go as well as Gordon had planned.
  11. Mavis and the Track Repairs - Mavis delivers tracks and sleepers; at night.
  12. Duncan's Predicament - Duncan has an accident at the Blue Mountain Quarry whilst taking Rheneas' train.
  13. Stinky Cheese - Diesel 10 gets covered in cheese.
  14. The Mighty Nelson - Nelson saves Max and Monty from a rockslide.
  15. Water Cannons - The big engines make fun of Belle's cannons.
  16. The Cement Works - Diesel returns to the Cement Works.
  17. Welcome Smudger - Smudger returns from the Mid Sodor Railway.
  18. Breakdown - When Bertie breaks down and is stuck, Butch is sent to rescue himvfrom a snowdrift.
  19. Off to the Works - Derek starts having motor problems and must be taken to the Dieselworks in front of Dennis' goods train. Dennis is not pleased.
  20. The Crashing Kipper - Once again, Henry has another accident with the Flying Kipper.
  21. Sir Handel and the Ghost Engine - At first, Sir Handel thinks ghosts are make-believe, but then when he sees Bertram at the mines, he thinks Bertram is the ghost of a story Skarloey has told him and Rusty. 
  22. Golden Engines - Bill and Ben make fun of Molly's paintwork.
  23. Tender Engines Don't Shunt! - Gordon thinks that tender engines shouldn't have to shunt, which annoys Molly.
  24. Derek Comes Home - Derek returns from the Dieselworks.
  25. Sidney's First Christmas - Sidney spends his first Christmas on Sodor.


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