This is about Season 1.


  1. Races - Thomas and Percy get a run for their money when Harold and Bertie race them again.
  2. Luke and the Special Party - It's getting close to Christmas, so Luke makes a party for the Skarloey Railway as a surprise.
  3. Where's BoCo? - Bill and Ben play a trick on BoCo, but now no knows where he is; except for Bill and Ben.
  4. A Passenger Bus Once Again - Bulgy wants to become a passenger bus again.
  5. The New Diesel Fuel - The Dieselworks smanager orders new fuel, but it doesn't work out well.
  6. Repairing Old Slow Coach - Old Slow Coach gets stolen by 'Arry and Bert and locked in a shed, and the Ffarquhar Branch Line engines are worried.
  7. Bears/A Bear on the Line - Gordon makes fun of Bears' name, but runs into a bear himself!
  8. Bertie and the Fog - Bertie tries to get to his shed, but a fog prevents him and he gets lost.
  9. Mavis Strikes Out - Mavis learns to be a Really Useful Engine.
  10. Thomas and the Kitten/Thomas and Percy's' New Friend - Thomas watches in horror as Bridget Hatt's kitten gets stuck in a tree. But when Flynn and a fireman come to save it, it jumps straight into Percy's cab!
  11. Oliver and the Snowstorm - Oliver gets caught in a snowstorm due to icy rails.
  12. Dave the Diesel - Diesel 10 wants Dave, a new diesel, to be mean, but Dave isn't convinced.
  13. James and the Ice Cream - James crashes into some ice cream wagons.
  14. The Funny Trick- Bill and Ben play a trick on Emily.
  15. Stuart's First Run - Peter Sam tells the story of how his life was before he came to Sodor.
  16. The Peel Godred Branch Line/The New Line - The Peel Godred Branch Line's engines are sold due to money problems, and the Fat Controller is in a predicament.
  17. Rosie and the Flying Kipper - Since Henry is at the Steamworks, Arthur has to pull the load five trucks at a time. The load of fish is to heavy for Arthur to pull by himself, so Rosie helps pull the Flying Kipper.
  18. Making Fun - Rheneas gets painted yellow as a tribute to Victor's early days, but Duncan thinks Rheneas is making fun of him.
  19. Flora's New Coach - While Flora's coach is at the Steamworks getting an overhaul and Toby has an accident, Flora uses Henrietta. However, Henrietta isn't too happy about it.
  20. Douglas and the Signal - Douglas tries to stop Winston from passing a red signal.
  21. Daisy and the Chickens - Daisy is sent to pull chickens to the market.
  22. Bluebells Forever  - Stepney travels back to Sodor and meets Rosie.
  23. Sidney Helps Out - Sidney is sent to work on the Little Western with Duck and Oliver.
  24. The Old Recipe - Patrick uses an old recipe of concrete to save the day.
  25. Sodor Blackout - During a snowstorm, a power outage occurs, so Duck and Toby try to get to the Sodor Electric Company.
  26. Hiro Goes Home - Hiro wants to go home, but Thomas doesn't want him to go.


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