Rosie and the Flying Kipper
Season 1, Episode 18
Vital statistics
Air date May 4th, 2012
Written by Doctor98
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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A New Branch Line Making Fun
Rosie and the Flying Kipper is the nineteenth episode of the first season


The Flying Kipper is a long train of fish that's sent all over the island and onto the Mainland as well. Henry is considered the "Flying Kipper" engine, since he takes the Flying Kipper almost every night. When Henry is away, James pulls the train, with help from Arthur. One day, Rosie pulled into Brendem. She saw a long train. Henry told Rosie that it was was the Flying Kipper. Rosie was impressed, and asked where it goes to. Henry said that it went everywhere. Rosie was excited, and asked if she could take it. Henry was surprised, but agreed to it. "A break would be good." he said. Rosie backed down on the train. Henry said that she should ask Arthur for some help. Rosie said she could do it herself. She started out with a little trouble. Rosie puffed down the line, Arthur stopped her, and asked her if she needed help up the hill. Rosie said she didn't, and puffed up the hill. Rosie got to the middle of the hill, when the cars started slipping backwards. She reached the bottom of the hill. Arthur and James were there. James said something like that happened to him before. Arthur asked if she needed help again, but Rosie said no. She started back up the hill. She nearly made it to the top, but she slid backwards very fast. She slammed on her breaks, but to no avail. Arthur stopped her at the bottom of the hill. Arthur asked her if she needed help. Rosie pondered this, and said yes. Soon, Rosie reached the top of the hill. Rosie thanked Arthur, and puffed away. Later on, at brendem docks, Sir Topham Hatt thanked Rosie for her job, but Rosie said that Arthur helped her. Sir Topham Hatt thanked them both.



  • Rosie and Henry would've had to ask the Fat Controller first.
  • Rosie wouldn't have been strong enoough to pull the Flying Kipper unless it was short, which it usually isnt.