The Dieselworks Manager

The Dieselworks Manager runs the Vicarstown Dieselworks.


The Ffarquhar Quarry Manager 

This man runs the Ffarquhar Quarry


The Bluebell Railway Controller

The Bluebell Railway controller sold Stepney to the North Western Railway. He currently owns

Bluebell, Primrose, and a few other engines.


Little Mix

Little Mix is a real-life British Pop band. They came to visit Sodor in July 2011. Diesel wanted to take them, but after some events, he decided to let Stepney take them instead. 


Weird Al Yankovic

Emily's-Weird Day2
Weird Al Yankovic is a real-life American singer and stand up comedian. 


The Ulfstead Barrow

Ulfstead Barrow is a yard foreman who likes to work at the yards around Knapford and Ulfstead. He was hired a few years ago after failing at getting attention as a painter and metal craftsman. He, however, keeps on doing these hobbies, hoping to be discovered. This can sometimes get him into trouble, as Scruff knows too well!!!


The Wellsworth High School Students

These students attend Wellsworth High School, a new high school on Edward's branch line. They are seen in multiple episodes, but they play a huge role in their debut appearance, which is Season 7.


Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon (b. 1998) is a student at Wellsworth High School. Nothing much is known about his personality other than he seems to be rude and obnoxious. (He had teased Alice about her car).


Brooke Walker

Brooke Walker (b. 1998) is the cheerleading squad captain at Wellsworth High School. She is good friends with Alice. She was named after GordonHenryandJamesfan1992's younger sister, who's a squad captain at her university. 


Dr. Janine

Dr. Janine is a doctor at the hospital who regularly rode on Murdoch's Train, but one day a little girl called Lucy broke her leg and Murdoch had to take her to the hospital because the ambulance had broken down. She is blonde with blue eyes.



Lucy was the little girl who broke her leg after falling out of a tree. it later turned out that she had not broken her leg but had fractured it. She had to be taken in by Murdoch when the ambulance broke down. She, along with her mum and Janine, later thanked Murdoch for his heroic deeds.


Victoria Justice

Victoria (born Feb 1993) is a famous American singer who visited Sodor in the Season 9 episode George and the Guest.