Hiro Goes Home
Season 1, Episode 26
Vital statistics
Air date May 10th, 2012
Written by DonaldDouglasandToby6
Directed by DonaldDouglasandToby6
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Sodor Blackout Thomas and the New House
Hiro Goes Home is the last episode of the first season.


Hiro enjoyed being on Sodor, but he missed his home island and his friends. This made him feel homesick at times. Sometimes, the homesickness even affected his work. One day, he biffed some trucks through the buffers. "Oh no!" he groaned. "Well, these buffers'll have to be fixed," remarked his driver. She walked over to a telephone and asked for Harvey. Harvey arrived with Rocky, who was already tired after putting Henry back onto the tracks. "Oh dear Hiro, this is the fifth time this week!" said Rocky. "Sorry Rocky, but my mind goes...somewhere else, I suppose." "Well, pay more attention, You could easily hurt somebody," replied Harvey sternly. Hiro felt bad.

Hiro knew he should tell Sir Topham Hatt to send him back. He explained the situation to Sir Topham Hatt. Sir Topham Hatt agreed to send Hiro back, as they do have other big, strong engines.

Sir Topham Hatt decided to send Hiro back to Japan for a while. Hiro was sent to the Steamworks to be checked. At the Steamworks, Victor sent the workmen to give Hiro a tune-up. Hiro was just fine. Victor and Kevin said his goodbyes and Hiro puffed off to the docks.

At the docks, the Steam Team and Mavis were waiting. Thomas was upset; he wanted Hiro to stay on Sodor longer. Hiro said that he will be back again someday.This made Thomas feel a little better. Hiro went home at last as Gordon pushed him onto the ship.

That night at Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas was still upset, but Edward told him that engines alway come and go on railways. Thomas understood, but was still upset, The next day on his branch line, Thomas began to see why Hiro went home in the first place. He told the other engines his change of heart. The engines were pleased to hear the news.



  • This episode is made to take place between the eighteenth season and the ninteenth season of the television series.